SMA BPI was established to meet the challenges of the need of high school in the South of Bandung in 1957. In the rapid development, a school was established of which the operation is not only the morning but also in the afternoon.

In the academic year 1985/1986, the school was splitted into 3 SMA, namely: SMA BPI 1, 2, and 3 by decree. Department of Education Regional Office of West Java Number: 177 / I07 / Kep / EB dated July 8, 1966, about splitting SMA BPI into 3 SMA, hereinafter referred to as SMA BPI 1 Bandung.  The letter of stablishment: 303/896 / B dated 1 June 29, 1962. The status was equated by decree. Number: 007 / C / Kep I of 1985 dated January 17, 1985 on Accreditation Study 'Likened'. On 13 November 2007, all components of SMA BPI 1 were in accreditation by the Department of Education Assessment Team of West Java, and obtained accreditation status 'A'.

In 2008, SMA BPI 1 improved the quality of management and learning into National Standard Pioneer School (RSSN). Various educational systems (8 standard of education) began to be revised and the quality of teachers and educational staffs was improved through training and IHT (In House Training).

In 2011, SMA BPI 1 Bandung reached the level of National Standard School (SSN) Plus, bearing the label "Full Day School" (5 days learning activities), and had 2 Leading Classes of RSBI for class XI and 3 Classes of RSBI for class X


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