Sambutan Kepala Sekolah


“ The Strongest of Self Dicipline Is The Key To Gain Success“
Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Thanks to God who has been giving us blessing and mercies so we can be here together in healthy condition. Especially for you who want to join with BPI 1 Senior High School.

 The good quality of education is the demand of Indonesia society to create good quality of human resources that can compete globally. The efforts in creating excellent education need concrete strategies, steps, and operational that can be implemented frequently. One of the step to increase the quality of education is empowering school as the institution or subject in organizing education in line with the potential and the condition of the school based on National Education Standard (SNP)


The excellent realization of education in the school can be achieved if curriculum, management and administration of education are implemented structurally and synergy to gain the goal of education which is measurable as Good Governance Principle. Moreover, the partnership of school is also one of important point. In obtaining the good partnership need trust point, transparency, and clear regulation. The Good Governance is also able to be developed by good leadership which is in line with the goals of BPI 1 Senior High School Bandung.


“Build the character school, academic and non academic superior based IMTAQ, science and technology, skilled, self, and environmentally based.”

By realizing and comparing the expected and real condition today, BPI 1 Senior High School implements the programs to achieve the excellent education.

1. Instilling the religious values, morality, a sense of nationalism, as a source of wisdom in thinking and acting

2. Growing the motivation to compete fairly in gaining the achievement of national and international level and be able to explore students’ potential  in order to have life skills

3. Implementing quality-based management, participatory, cooperate and involve all stakeholders

4. Growing the behavior in reading and exploring science and knowledge independently and optimally

5. Enforcing the school rules consistently and consistently

6. Realizing harmonious, comfortable, beautiful, green and clean schools environment

It would be our pride and honor for us if you could join with us to achieve the success and being the quality person with BPI 1 Senior High School Bandung, or joint to interact in our web,



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